iTools iPhone XR

iPhone XR is the latest upcoming version of the iPhone family. The Apple Inc. has added many new features for this update, therefore, it is going to be the best ever iPhone you are going to use. This latest iPhone has got a 64/128/256 GB, 3 GB RAM of internal memory, so you need a better file manager tool than the iTunes to manage the files in the iPhone XR. That’s why the iTools iPhone XR is here for. The iTools is an alternative file manager tool comes to the iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches. And you can use it instead of using the iTunes on your iDevice. Without proper guidance, we can’t do anything. So here we have come with a complete guide about iTools iPhone XR, gain necessary information by reading this.

iTools iPhone XR

Introduction to  iTools iPhone XR

iTools is the best file manager tool comes to all the iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches. It helps you to manage all the files on your iDevice such as images, songs, audios, videos, documents, ringtones, pdf, podcasts, etc. iTools iPhone XR is a freeware application which can be used on both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices. The default file manager tool comes to iDevices is the iTunes. But if you are fed up using that and you want a more stunning featureful app as the file manager, you can use the iTools on your iDevice. The whole functionality of the iTools is most alike the functionality of the iTunes. But the difference is, the iTools is more functional and informative than the iTunes does.

What is iPhone XR?

iPhone XR is the latest upcoming version of the iPhone family. The Apple Inc. has added many new features and improvements to this update. Therefore, it is going to be a massive experience for all the Apple device lovers. It has a whole new Liquid Retina display, and it is the most advanced LCD in the industry that has ever recorded. It comes with a faster Face ID than the iPhone X, and it has the smartest and the most powerful chip in a smartphone. With the breakthrough camera system, you can capture every beautiful moment of your life. The iPhone XR is beautiful in every angle you look at it. And it is the best smartphone with the best features that has ever been developed from a smart device manufacturer.

iTools iPhone XR Vs iTunes iPhone XR

It seems like that the iTunes and iTools both are the same but, it’s not. The iTools iPhone XR is a lot beneficial than using iTunes on an iDevice. That’s the difference between iTools and iTunes on an iPhone XR. When you are using iTunes, you have to use the iCloud user login details but, the iTools doesn’t require that. The illegal applications don’t support to the iTunes but, the iTools iPhone XR automatically convert them to the compatibility. Also, the iTunes has a library style user-interface, but unlike that, the iTools has a user-friendly window style user-interface. And the iTools even allow you to transfer files using the drag and drop functionality. The iTools software app is smaller in size, therefore, you can save space for other apps on iPhone XR. Likewise, the iTools iPhone XR is very beneficial than using the iTunes.


Features of  iTools iPhone XR

  • iTools iPhone XR offers you the options to backup and restores the iDevice content. With that feature, you can take a backup of the whole device content and save them for the further use. And at any time you want, it is possible to restore them back on the device.
  • The AirPlayer is a stunning feature comes to the iTools iPhone XR because it lets you perform multiple tasks on your iPhone XR. You can record the screen of your iPhone, mirror the device screen into the PC screen and watch movies/ play games on a widescreen, and stream images/ videos.
  • The iTools iPhone XR Battery Master tool allows users to get all the information about the device battery. You can get the information such as fully charged cycles, actual capacity, battery health, design capacity, electric current, etc. This information is useful for you to manage the battery life of the device.
  • The Ringtone Maker feature of the iTools iPhone XR lets you make any music file as the ringtone of your iPhone XR. So that you won’t have to listen to the annoying default ringtone when the phone rings anymore.
  • The Image Tool in the iTools download is capable of transferring images between the PC and the iDevice. Also, this feature comes bundled with the Image Viewer feature to view the images in the original resolution.
  • The File Transfer Tool in this amazing software application helps you to transfer the files such as images, documents, music files, etc. between the PC and the iPhone. You can transfer these files between your iDevice and any of Windows or Mac computers.
  • The Data Migration Tool in the iTools iPhone XR is very useful when you bought a new iDevice. Usually, we look for a data migration tool to migrate the data from the old phone to a new phone whenever we bought a new phone. So you don’t have to download separate data migration tools on your device as long as you use iTools.
  • Icon Arranger is another wonderful feature comes bundled with the iTools iPhone XR. It lets you properly arrange the icons on your iPhone XR.