Have you heard of iTools iOS 13 before? 

iTools is one of the latest releases in the industry by Think SkySoft. This application can be used with any iDevice. Including iPhones, iPads, iPods, and iWatches, etc. The reason to release such an application is to fix the issues of the iTunes software and to provide more features to the customer. There are so many drawbacks of the iTunes application such as wastage or RAM,  too many background processes which affect to slow down the computer. The developers incorporated so many exciting features to this application while fixing the issues. such as syncing devices, listening to music, backup and restore, etc. 

itools ios 13

The iTools is compatible with the latest release of iOS, the iOS 13. You can manage iOS 13 based devices with this iToos iOS management tool. All you need to do is to free download iTools and install it on your Windows or Mac PC. And then connect your iOS 13 running device in order to manage contacts, images, media, and etc.

 If you are willing to know more information stay tuned with us. I will explain to you why we need this application and what we will get, etc. So keep reading. 

Why you should start using iTools iOS 13? 

iTools iOS 13 is a must app to use if you are an iDevice user. Because iTunes has only basic features. Including backup restore, syncing, listening to music, etc. But with iTools, you will get so many extra features. You will get the iconic features such as Airplayer, Ringtone maker, battery master. And also this amazing tool includes quick data migration, image tool too. You can install it to both Windows and Mac personal computers. It has reduced the number of background processes. And has maximized the speed of the computer by less ram usage and wastage. All these are because the newest technology used to develop this amazing application.  So that you can run smoothly and efficiently. 

Features offered by iTools

Here are the most exciting features offered to you by iTools iOS 13. Here is a list for you to get an idea.

Airplayer: iTools Download gives you the best all inclusive player which you can share your screen to a huge screen to play and listen to anything you need

Image tool: All the necessary image editing functionalities packaged in one feature

Battery Master: You can get any battery related statistics to your computer and take actions easily

Data Migration: one click easy data migration with automatic back up and restore features too

Ringtone Maker: Customized ringtone creator using any number of audios, music track and mixes in your preference. 

Icon manager: Customized icon creator and manager to give a colorful touch to the os

File Manager with iTools iOS 13 You can move, arrange edit and create files in any way you need with easy accessibility too

Device Supported by iTools

iTools iOS 13 is supported by so many iDevices. You can use with any iPhone, iPad and iPod type. Mainly this application is compatible to use with all the generations of iDevices and the versions which use in 2019. 

So don’t get late. iTools iOS 13 is the best application to do the basic functionalities of iTunes but with extra features and advantages. So install it now and share it with your friends too.