Have you heard of iTools For Windows? Let us check out.

iTools For Windows is a desktop application which has been developed to fix the issues of iTunes. Basically, it is an alternative for iTunes. If you are an iDevice user such as iPhone, iPad or iPod you might know about iTunes. This is an application which you can manage your iDevice data from your personal computer. .This is a desktop application where you can install and continue.  And also there are more exciting features included in this application. This is a mesmerizing application developed by a group of amazing developers.

If you need to know more information about this iTools application stays tuned. You are about to hear so many.

iTools For Windows

iTools For Windows vs iTunes

There are few similarities in iTools For Windows with iTunes as well as differences. Mainly both of the tools include the basic features such as managing your important files such as images, videos, etc. And also basic features like backing up data, restore data, migrating data and syncing between two devices. And as a visual similarity both of the application consists with a left-side menu bar. Which made easier for the new users to adapt to the new tool.

But iTools stands out because of the fixed issues of the application. iTunes is filled with so many drawbacks. It reduces your performance and drains the batter. Because it has so many background processes. And also the file is huge. Because of that it will waste so many storages and ram too. But oTools has avoided all of these. It will manage your storage as well and saves your batter with limited background processes. And also it has so many exciting features.

Features offered by iTools For Windows

There are so many interesting features offered b the iTools developers for you. Let’s go through them in details.

Airplayer with iTools For Windows

You can experience an amazing airplayer which allows you to share screens with your friends and families mobile phones during a function. And also it allows you to share the screen with your monitor. So that you can stream online videos and play games on a bigger screen.

Image tool with all included

There is an image tool in iTools For Windows which has so many interesting options. Where you can handle all the image editing functions such as cut, crop, brightness levels, move etc. you do not need to install any extra image editing tools. This application will do it for you on your pc. And also you can easily sync the image with your phone too.

Battery master

Now you can use this battery master tool to manage our battery lifespan with all the reports given. It gives you so many details about the battery capacity, draining percentage, voltage, etc. And also you can take necessary actions regarding the battery draining apps and functions.

One clicks data migration with backup and restore.

You can easily connect your old device and the new device to the computer and click data migration feature. It will automatically identify the devices and migrate information, and then back up and restore the necessary information to the computer.

Ringtone Maker

Now you can create a unique ringtone according to your preferences. You can merge so many mp3 audio and other files and create a lovely ringtone. So you will never mismatch your iDevice with others ringtones.

Requirements of iTools For Windows

  • Mac – OS X 10.8
  • Windows (32 bit & 64 bit) – vista/ 8.1/ 8/ 7/ 10 and above
  • CPU: 750MHz AMD, Intel
  • RAM: 256 MB or above.
  • Disk Space: 40MB

It is the right time to start using iTools For Windows now!!