Are You Familiar With The Latest iTools iOS 12 Version? Let Us Find Out.

iTools iOS 12 is the latest released version of this amazing application. If you are an iDevice user such as iPhone, iPad or iPod you should definitely know about this. We usually use the iTunes to work with both of the device data and the computer. But the desktop iTunes application is not as efficient as everyone thought. It wastes the RAM usage, Has extreme background processes which slow the computer. And wastes a huge storage space too. In order to overcome these issues, ThinkSkySoft developers team came up with a new solution which is the iTools iOS 12 application.  It has all the necessary iTunes features such as listening to music and songs. Handling files. Syncing between the iDevice and the Computer. And most importantly there are so many extra features to explore.

itools ios 12

So if you are interested to know more about this amazing iTools iOS 12 tools. Keep reading with us. We will explain to you more about why iTools are special features of iTools offered to you. Furthermore, the supporting devices etc.


Why iTools iOS 12 Is Special More Than iTunes?

For you to use iTools iOS 12 we should explain you more about the specialty of this tool. iTunes includes the features which basic. Such as backup, syncing, managing files, restore etc. And both iTools and iTunes includes the same basic feature along with the menu bar located in the left.

But iTools iOS 12 is special because it has so many extra added features. Such as Battery master to save battery, Airplayer, Ringtone maker etc. You can install this in your Windows or Mac PC. And also this application has managed to limit background processes. And also uses a very limited storage space. You can easily work with other heavy application while using iTools. Because of the newest technology used in the application you can work smoothly more efficiently and effectively.


Features Offered By iTools iOS 12

iTools iOS 12 is a collection of all the exciting features. You should read the below list of the features. It has more details about individual feature too.


  1. iTools Airplayer

This is an all-inclusive player you can share the mobile screen with the computer to play games and stream videos. Also, you can share the screen with other mobile devices. Ideal for functions and parties.

  1. Image tool

iTools iOS 12 image tool gives you a collection of all the necessary features included. Image cut, crop, edit, brightness adjustments, move, save and so much more too. No need to install image editing apps again.

3.Battery Master

You can now easily get all the statistics of the iDevice Battery to your computer. Capacity, draining percentage, Lifetime, voltage etc. And you can take the necessary action to the mobile via the computer too.

  1. Quick Data Migration

If you need to migrate all your important data to a new iDevice use iTools iOS 12. This will do it to you with one click. And also the backup and restore will be done automatically for you.

5.Ringtone Maker

Are you fed up with the same iDevice ringtone? But with this amazing application, you can create your own. Has the ability to connect any number or MP3 audio files, songs music tracks too.

6.Icon Manager with File Manager

iTools iOS 12 provides you a customized experience with Icon manager. And you can also manage your files while using the icon manager easily.

Device Supported By iTools iOS 12

iTools iOS 12 can be used with any type of iDevices. Such as iPhones, iPods, and iPads. Also, this is compatible with all the iDevice generations and version that are currently in usage.

Do not think twice. You can use iTools on your computer. And explore the exiting feature by yourself. Download iTools iOS 12 now!