iTools iPhone XS Max

The year 2018 is a big year for all the iPhone users because the Apple Inc. is releasing three versions of iPhone; the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and the iPhone XR. All these iPhones have a large capacity of the internal memory, so you can store loads of files on your device. And if you are using an iPhone XS Max and searching for a file manager tool to manage that whole lot of files, iTools iPhone XS Max is the best fit for you. Managing the files on a smart device is an important thing because if you don’t manage them well, what’s the use of using it? Managing the files eases you to use the files and folders on the smart device. Therefore, you must be smart enough to pick a proper file manager tool and keep the files and folders in the device well managed. And if you are an iPhone XS Max user, we are here to help with a review of iTools iPhone XS Max.

iTools iPhone XS Max

What is iTools iPhone XS Max?

iTools iPhone XS Max is the best alternative comes to the iTunes on the iPhone XS Max. As you already know, the iTunes is the default file manager tool comes to the iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches. But when using any of the default apps on the device for a considerable time, you get fed up of using it. And that’s the reason why there are alternatives exist. So if you are fed up of using iTunes on your iDevice, you can choose the iTools as the alternative file manager tool to your device. The iTools gets updated from time to time, and now it is available to the latest iPhone XS Max as well. So if you are using an iPhone XS Max at the current state, don’t think twice to download iTools on your device.

In fact, the iTools iPhone XS Max lets you manage the whole device files such as documents, images, songs, audios, videos, podcasts, pdf, and other important files. The iTunes and iTools are most alike but, the difference is that the iTools is more functional than the iTunes. iTools brings you a whole set of tools to help you with different purposes on your iPhone. It doesn’t use marketing methods or iCloud credentials like the iTunes do. Plus, it’s window-style user-friendly interface lets you transfer the files between PC and the iPhone easily by using the drag and drop functionality. Sounds cool, right? Long story short, there is no better tool than the iTools iPhone XS Max to manage the files on your latest iPhone XS Max.

Introduction to iTools iPhone XS Max

iPhone XS is the latest version of the iPhone family which is available in two sizes. The iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max are the two versions of the iPhone XS Max, and of course, the iPhone XS Max is the bigger one in size. This iPhone version is the biggest iPhone among all the other iPhones and it has a super cool Retina display. The faster Face ID, the smartest chip in a smartphone, and the breakthrough dual-camera system confirm the quality of the device. It has a stunning look in every corner you look at it, and of course, it is eye-wateringly expensive. You know that the quality items are not cheap, right? ツ This super cool iPhone XS Max has got a 64/256/512 GB, 4 GB RAM of an internal space. To manage the files in it, you will need the help of the iTools iPhone XS Max.

Features of iTools iPhone XS Max

  • The iTools iPhone XS Max Battery Master gives all the necessary information of the battery life such as the fully charged cycles, design capacity, battery health, actual capacity, battery temperature, electric current, etc. Using these facts, you can manage the device battery life well.
  • Whenever you buy a new smart device, you need a data migration tool to migrate the personal data from the old phone to the new phone. And because of that, now you have bought an iPhone XS Max, you can use the Data Migration tool in the iTools iPhone XS Max to migrate the personal data.
  • The AirPlayer is a wonderful feature comes to the iTools that let you perform multiple tasks on your iPhone XS Max. i.e. stream the images/ videos, mirror the device screen to the PC screen, and record the screen.
  • You can take the backups of your device content and keep them for safekeeping. And at any time you feel like you want to recover them, you can recover them by using the iTools.
  • The Transferring Tool in the iTools iPhone XS Max lets you transfer the files such as ringtones, images, songs, documents, audios, videos, pdf, etc. between your computer and the iDevice. You can use the drag and drop functionality to transfer files here.
  • If your device is full of app icons, and you are unable to manage them well, the Icon Arranger in the iTools iPhone XS Max will help you with that.
  • Sometimes, we don’t feel okay with hearing the default ringtone at every time our iPhone rings. And lucky for you, you can solve that problem with the Ringtone Maker feature comes to the iTools iPhone XS Max. It lets you set any music file including mashups, songs, and soundtracks as the ringtone of your iPhone.
  • The iTools iPhone XS Max Image Tool is capable of sharing the images between the Windows or Mac PC and the iPhone. And you can use the Image Viewer to view the images in the original resolution.