iTools iPhone is the best iPhone manager for sync all kind of data between PC and iPhone. iTools makes comfortable when sharing multiple data between PCs and iPhones such as images, videos, audios, PDF, podcasts, text documents, contacts and etc. according to the personal experiences and user reviews of 2017, the iTools is a fast and the most reliable application for managing iPhones available for free online.

itools 4 iPhone

The iPhones are runs on the iOS operating system, which is considered as the most advanced mobile operating system in the world. The iOS has a user-friendly interface which is using multi-touch gestures and switching applications. That advanced characteristic of iOS makes the iPhone management hard, but the iTools’ advanced tools manage those all complex procedures like ABC.

iPhone? Why need a syncing tool

The main purpose of a syncing too is to share data between PCs and mobile devices and also with the tablet computers. So, simply iPhone need a syncing tool for share data. But it is not simple mush as we see. Because the iPhone need a more powerful tool for manage and share data especially with other devices. There are some alternative methods for transfer data such as Bluetooth, Airdrop and etc. But the bad matter is those methods don't suit always with other devices and operating systems. Imagine when a situation that you need to use your Windows PC to copy some images from your iPhone. Yes, iTunes is there, but how much of time will it take to do that little task. Yes, we all know it is wasting time and also wasting the power of your PC.

That’s why iPhone need a syncing tool which is capable of doing processes quickly than the iTunes. The iTools iPhone is the best and fastest application which is developed as a cross-platform application. iTools is able to share data between Windows PCs, Mac PCs and also between iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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What is iTools iPhone?

Basically, the iTools iPhone is a tool which is using for share iPhones data. The iTools is developed by the thinkskysoft© company and the iTools 4 is the latest version of iTools iPhone. iTools is compatible with iOS 5, iOS 6, iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10 and the latest version of iOS the iOS 11. The iTools iPhone is capable of many valuable services and tasks handling with iPhone and iOS as listen in below.

01. Data migration tool helps to share data between two or more iOS devices.

02. Backup and restore images, video, audio, Pad and etc.

03. Icon manage helps to manage icons on the iPhone screen.

04. iTools Airplayer helps to set out the iPhone screen on your wide desktop PC.

05. Ringtone maker tool helps to create your own ringtones for iPhone.

06. The file manager is the most used tool of iTools. It is used for manage files and folders of iPhone.

07. The image export and import tool helps place and remove images in iPhone.

Why iTools for iPhone

01. No need an Apple ID

02. Less power consumption on RAM and the memory management.

03. The user-friendly interface increases the user experience.

04. iTools save the storage space because iTools iPhone needs maximum 50 MB of space.

05. It is free to download

06. The installation process is very simple

07. App installing and uninstalling is available.

iTools iPhone X

iTools iPhone X version is also available with the release of iPhone X. The iTools is totally compatible with the iPhone and the latest iOS version the iOS 11 as I mentioned above. The handy interface of iTools makes your iPhone X better with the clean and fast iOS management.