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iTools Windows for the Apple devices is something that many of the iPhone users are speaking about these days. There is a massive reason behind as why they are keen on this application. The unique features of the iTools Windows have made everyone pay attention to the iTools Windows. iTunes is the app store for all Apple devices, and the iTools is the advanced version for all Apple users. This version is available free. All features of iTunes can be seen in the iTools package. Anyone who uses this application will find that it is very easy to handle this application. The advanced features allow you to backup and restore everything on your device. You will find the iTools Windows best for you.

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More on iTools Windows

With this new application, you will find it very easy to manage all your Apple devices after you connect it to the Windows. The features in this application are also available on the iTunes, but when you use iTunes, you have to know the proper method to use it, but with this application, it is not. With this application, you are going to tweak your Apple device in an easy way.

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Best features of the iTools Windows

Here is how the iTools Windows is going to help you. The managing of apps through this application is possible. The application provides a speedway for you to manage all your apps. Next, you could import photos and view device storage levels. Other unique features include the making of ringtones. This feature is one advanced feature that you will not get on the iTunes. You could choose your favorite songs and then convert them to ringtones. There is also access to the iTunes backup data. This application has spent time on improving the Apple’s design. If you want to manage apps, using this application here is how you could get ready with it.

Other features of iTools Windows

You will see three buttons next to whatever app you need to check out. You will be able to have a look at the app info, next back it up and plan whether you are going to uninstall the app with a single click. You will not feel bored when using this app because it is designed in a way that it is user-friendly. The interface is laid out properly and neatly. The drag and drop options help you in managing all apps on your device, and there is also a tool where mp3 gets converted to m4r.

Thus, your time and effort will get saved. This new application also supports both jailbroken and default devices. The other incredible features are that it comes with system cleanup tools and manages power. The features that this application comes with has made it a remarkable version for Apple devices.

What iTools Windows make possible when iDevice managing

Guess what, iTunes needs an account for you to tweak your Apple device but the new iTools Windows application does not require you to have an account, you could without an account do changes on your device. Less hard drive space and the having of less CPU power is evident in this application, and that characteristic makes it a great application. The iTools support a set of Apple devices such as the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone.

For this application to run on your device, you will need a USB to connect your iOS device and the Windows. This application is also updated from time to time, and it is essential that you be in touch with updates of this version so that it will bring the best to your iOS device. Download this application and enjoy all that it is ready to offer you.