What is iTools Mac?

iTools Mac is a free application that is available for easy use. This application will help you to manage your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad content in the most natural way. iTools is the best alternative for the people who are using iTunes for their iOS devices. iTools Mac has come up with friendly features that are missing in the iTunes. After you download the iTools Mac, you will see what it has to offer. The application will brief you on the crucial items of your iOS device. It will describe you the model, the place you bought it, the date you bought it on, the duration of the warranty; when it will expire, the battery percentage that is remaining, and the serial number. Further, you will be able to view the operating system version and note down the amount of disk space for data such as music, videos, and books.

itools mac

The other notable feature of the iTools Mac is that it brings you the ability to view the items saved on your iPhone or iPad. After that, you could either import or export content. You could import and export categories such as photos, videos, songs, applications, e-books, and messages. This application also has the possibility to access the folder structure and look for the files that you once thought was lost. It lets you access your old and missing data and restore them as it was in the beginning.

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How else will the application help you?

Other than the above features there are few more for you to look at. You will see that the application brings you access to the contact list that is there on your device. You will be able to access the messages that you have sent and received. However, when using this particular function, you will have to make sure that you have already disabled iCloud. You have to do as such because since iTools for Mac does not work well with the Apple's online copy service. You will find iTools Mac straightforward to use, unlike other applications.

You could wonderfully manage your device using this application. Suppose you have several accounts and methods, you could easily synchronize the content between those devices using this application. After you have gone through this device, you might have started liking this application. The other exciting features one should know about this tool is that it will allow you to reorganize iOS desktops. You could have a look at the applications of your device, and if you see them as to be better if they are in groups, you could put them into subfolders. The iTunes was able to group files one by one, but with this application, you could arrange, not one by one but in multiple sets. The iTools is powerful than the iTunes application.

Winding up

In a nutshell, if the features of the iTools Mac is described, you will see that it is an app that is easy to use and a well-established application management system. Further, it shows the content that is available on each disk. You will also have access to all folders and applications, and you will see that this free version can be updated. Further, it will be possible to organize the iOS desktops.

You would also see that this application is very safe to use. It does not have any virus that will affect your device. It will also not cause any kind of damage to the device that you are using. The free application does not need any payment method, and there is no cost required for advertisements. Get started.