What are differences between iTools and iTunes?

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  • iTunes is a store that sells music, videos, and other media stuff to the iDevice users. That means it follows marketing methods and it is not only a computer application. But iTools is not like that, it doesn’t use any marketing methods on the tool. So if you only need to manage the iDevice, iTools 4 is the best fit for you.

  • If you try to use illegal applications in the iTunes, it automatically deletes the disqualified file formats in the synchronization process. On the other hand, the iTools doesn’t work like that. It automatically converts the file formats to the compatibility.

  • When deleting a file in the iTunes, it is very difficult to delete because you have to follow several steps such as access the library, finds the file and delete it. But iTools 4 has the ability to delete the file directly.

  • iTools is smaller in size. It is in fact, about 42.5 times smaller than the iTunes. Therefore, iTools consume fewer resources of the operating system.

  • Unlike the iTunes, iTools is faster in processing. So you don’t have to waste time, not even a minute to manage the device data.

  • iTools and iTunes, both are freeware applications, and that’s a common fact to both. But when you are using iTunes on your device, you have to log into the iCloud account, and iTools doesn’t require any iCloud credentials to use it.

  • iTools has a user-friendly interface which is designed in the Window-style. iTunes doesn’t have a very user-friendly interface because it is designed in the library-style. Also, iTools has the drag and drop functionality to transfer files but, iTunes has not.

  • iTools 4 is more flexible than the iTunes. Therefore, it is easier to use iTools as the file manager tool than using the iTunes.

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