What are the features of iTools 4?

Battery Master: The Battery Master gives you fully detailed report about the battery life performance of iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. It contains the details of fully charge cycles, battery health, actual capacity, design capacity, current voltage, boot voltage, battery temperature, electric current, battery mfr., and battery SN. Altogether, you can have a proper idea about the battery life performance. And therefore, you can prevent from the battery draining issues which is the most common issue of many iDevices.

Backup and Restore: iTools 4 has the backup and restore feature to assist you with safeness of the device data. You can take a complete backup of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch at any time and keep them in the iTools management storage for safe keeping. So you can restore the backed up data to the device again if any case if necessary. There is also a tool to extract the data from the backups in the restore feature.

File Transferring: This tool does the main functionality in the iTools 4. It helps you to transfer the files in the device such as images, audios, videos, ringtones, music, documents, pdf, podcasts, etc. between your PC and the iDevice. You can use either Windows or Mac as the computer. You can transfer files via iTools download via a single click. Here you can use the drag and drop functionality to transfer files, and when you do a transfer, you don’t have to worry about losing any of your files as iTools 4 doesn’t lose any of your data while transferring.

Image Tool: Image Tool is another wonderful tool comes to iTools 4 which you can use to share the images between Windows or Mac PC and the iDevice. Not only that, but you can also view the images in its original resolution using the Image Viewer comes attached to the Image Tool.

Ringtone Maker: Many people are bored by using the default ringtone on their iPhones. So if you are fed up of hearing the default ringtone all the time, download iTools 4 and it gives you the ability to set your favorite music file as the ringtone via the Ringtone Maker. That means you can set any soundtrack, background music of a movie, voice recording or anything you like as the iPhone’s ringtone.

Data Migration Tool: Have you ever troubled from migrating data from your old device to a new device when you bought a new device? Then iTools 4 has the solution for that. It has the ability to migrate the data of your iDevice to another iDevice. Many people change their iDevice to a new one whenever Apple releases a new device. But when you have many important data on the old device, you need a proper software tool to migrate those data to the new device. Don’t worry, iTools Data Migration Tool will help you with that.

Icon Arranger: If you have a number of icons on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, it is hard to use your device. But that problem will be solved if there is a properly working software tool to arrange the icons. As such, here comes the iTools 4 with a stunning Icon Arranger which lets you arrange the icons properly on your device.

AirPlayer: This is an awesome feature comes to the iTools download. It has the ability to mirror the iDevice’s screen to the PC screen, and that lets you enjoy the gaming and video watching experience in a widescreen. Not only that, it also lets you record the screen and stream the videos as well.

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